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connect your customers’ EVs to your apps with just a few clicks

our APIs provide a secure user-consent flow for your customers to share their EV data with you without any hardware devices. a pure software solution.

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useful across industries

auto insurance

offer innovative drive-safe & save discounts, pay-as-you-drive insurance, and much more 

charging point operators

provide smart route-planning, charging session insights, and personalised solutions to your users

EV mobility apps

build innovative apps for solving range anxiety, smart trip planning, smart charging, and much more 

EV fleet operators

manage your EV fleet without any dongles using our location, remote engine on/off, and other features

useful industries

why work with us

single API integration

single API to communicate with different types of EV brands irrespective of make & model

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developer friendly

developer friendly documentation and complete integration support

security by design

security and data privacy is at the core of our product and mission

Why us

about us

the telematica team

we are a team of software engineers who have built and scaled large-scale software projects at top tech companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and Amazon


abhishek jain

previously: software engineer at Adobe,

co-founder at EdMad. BITS Pilani alum

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aditya ketkar

previously: software engineer at Microsoft,

co-founder at EdMad. BITS Pilani alum

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excited to build something using our APIs?

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